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Impact of wind turbines on power lines

For power lines above AC 1kV the German regulations demand a minimum distance between the tower axis of the wind turbine and the nearest conductor rope. This minimum distance depends on the wind turbines dimensions as well as on crane workspaces and the individual requirements of the power line.

Up to a distance of three rotor diameters additional dampers are required for the power line unless it can be shown that the wake of the wind turbine does not interfere with the conductor ropes.

For this analysis the standard provides a simple geometrical model which fits for many cases. A closer examination is possible with the aid of three dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. The area with damage potential within the wake of the wind turbine can be localised more precisely. Using these sophisticated methods a proof is possible for many cases where the conservative and simple model of the standard will give no positive result.

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