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wake2e is an online calculation tool to assess the structural integrity of wind turbines in wind farms. To assess the structural integrity of wind turbines (WT) in wind farms the increase in turbulent wind loading from wake effects is accounted for by the use of an effective turbulence intensity. With the online calculation tool wake2e you can easily calculate characteristic (ambient) and effective turbulence intensities of every WT in your wind farm and compare it with the design values. With wake2e you will be able to keep track of the turbulent loads during every stage of your planning process.

Trial and full version of wake2e is available at

Why we have developed wake2e

When planning wind turbines, the ability to control the turbulences arising in the wind farm is of importance so as to avoid some nasty surprise at the end of the planning phase and to prevent delays in the grant of a building permit.

wake2e is the tool enabling you to control these turbulences during the entire planning phase. The final assessment of structural integrity (turbulence expertise) which you need to obtain the building permit will smoothly plug into the planning phase.

Why you should use wake2e

wake2e will provide you with access to our acknowledged expertise. Calculate like an expert and test the various versions so as to find out the optimum layout for your wind farm. This will save costs, time and trouble when planning your wind farms.
wake2e ascertains the ambient turbulences on the basis of high-resolution satellite data:

  • so there is no absolute need for wind measurements
  • surface roughness need not be laboriously manually ascertained.
  • wake2e disposes of a voluminous data base containing more than 100 different wind turbines of all major manufacturers.

wake2e is web-based so being

  • always up to date
  • everywhere available
  • platform-independent

We offer tailor-made license packs to optimally support your wind farm projects. Please contact us, if you have further questions or if you are interested in obtaining a license.

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