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Site suitability of wind turbines

Flow chart: Assessment of wind farm layout, turbulent wind loadsAccording to the international standard IEC 61400-1 the site suitability of a wind turbine (WT) needs to be assessed. An important point in thes assessment are the wake effects from neighbouring WTs. This effect on the structural integrity must be taken into account when the distance to the adjacent WT is equal or below ten rotor diameters. Basis of the assessment are the wind farm layout and the local wind conditions. Our assessment reports offer the following advantages:

  • If no or only incomplete measurements of ambient turbulence intensities are available, the missing data can be calculated. This is done on the basis of satellite data of land cover, orography, maps and if necessary a visit of the site. Satellite data of land cover for most European countries are available. Ambient turbulence intensities will be calculated individually for every WT location and thus provide more precise predications especially for large wind farms.
  • Curtailment strategies can be proposed and taken into account.
  • The frequencies of the wind directions will be considered for each wind speed bin individually. This reflects the different wind direction distribution of low wind speeds compared to stormy winds.
  • Measurements may be imported for every WT location, wind speed and wind direction - this is recommendable especially for wind farms in complex terrain.