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News in 2008

Wake2e website launched - September 15st 2008
We will do last final steps in the next days to bring our new online calculation tool for effective turbulence intensity in wind farms online. A testing period will follow. You are welcome to sign up as test user!

Cooperation treaty cancelled - July 1st 2008
After a transition period of six months we have cancelled the cooperation treaty and you can now directly engage our established services in the field of wind energy.

Paper to high-voltage and wind energy in ENERGY 2.0 published - April 2nd 2008

English version of our website launched - March 17th 2008

We join the wab and the BWE - March 1st 2008

Cooperation treaty signed with TN SysTec GmbH & Co. KG - January 7th 2008
We prepare assessments of turbulent wind loads in wind farms, assessments of ambient turbulence for wind farm projects and evaluation of wind turbines adjacent to power lines in cooperation with TUEV Hamburg.