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The beginnings of the wind energy sector in Germany

Historische Filme

At the end of 2007 the wind pioneer Ulrich Stampa passed away at the age of 88. The following movies from his legacy were kindly provided to us by his daughter. We wish to express our gratitude to her for these now almost "historical" sequences.

Speech "LES-Simulation of a turbulent and meandering wake"

Speech "LES-Simulation of a turbulent and meandering wake" of Dr. Thomas Hahm at the conference EWEC 2010 in Warsaw.

News in 2010

Presentation at the ANSYS Conference in Aachen - November 4th 2010
CFD for the Hydropower Industry --> PDF

Presentation at the 19th Windenergietage in Bad Saarow - November 4th 2010
Assessment of effective turbulence intensities in wind farms --> PDF

News in 2009

Workshop “The Bolund Experiment” in Roskilde December 2nd -3rd 2009
We participated with RANS- and LES-simulations at the Bolund blind test of Risø DTU, National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. → Simulation

Presentation at the Euromech Colloquim 508 in Madrid on Wind Turbine Wakes - November 9th 2009
LES-Simulation of a turbulent and meandering wake --> PDF

High voltage and Wind energy

Article "High voltage and Wind energy - realistic evaluations of minimum distances to High voltage aerial lines" (in German) in the magazine "Energy 2.0" in April 2008.

News in 2008

Wake2e website launched - September 15st 2008
We will do last final steps in the next days to bring our new online calculation tool for effective turbulence intensity in wind farms online. A testing period will follow. You are welcome to sign up as test user!

Cooperation treaty cancelled - July 1st 2008
After a transition period of six months we have cancelled the cooperation treaty and you can now directly engage our established services in the field of wind energy.