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News in 2009

Workshop “The Bolund Experiment” in Roskilde December 2nd -3rd 2009
We participated with RANS- and LES-simulations at the Bolund blind test of Risø DTU, National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. → Simulation

Presentation at the Euromech Colloquim 508 in Madrid on Wind Turbine Wakes - November 9th 2009
LES-Simulation of a turbulent and meandering wake --> PDF

Simulation of a turbulent and meandering wake behind wind turbines - September 24st 2009
Animation of two WT in a row --> Link

April 27st 2009 - Second Seminar "Turbulent wind loads in wind farms" in Hamburg - March 26st 2009
We will inform about legal foundations, basic knowledge and current developments. Please find more Information in the flyer to the event --> PDF

Trial version of wake2e online - January 15st 2009
We launched the trial-version of our software wake2e which allows the calculation of effective turbulence intensities in a windfarm.